The Booker Creek Watershed Alliance supports and advocates for the health and vitality of the Booker Creek watershed to improve water quality, wildlife habitat and our community’s connection to the outdoors.


  • Increase citizen’s stream and watershed observation skills
  • Understand watershed ecology, policy, and issues
  • Take action to support, advocate and improve


Quick Facts

  • Located within the Town of Chapel Hill
  • The watershed area is 4098.5 acres
  • Elevation ranges from 246.3 feet to 622.0 feet


The Alliance’s Approach

Events: Creek Watch: Policy tracking: Mitigation: Education: Partnerships


Booker Creek Park Imagined

Here is a summary of our vision for Booker Creek:

  • Daylight Booker Creek between Franklin Street and Fordham Boulevard
  • Create a park that welcomes town residents with open air cafés and picnic tables, amphitheater/terraced seating
  • Provide a permanent shelter for Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market that can also serve town and community activities
  • Provide an inviting destination and floodprotected transition to restaurants and businesses

Download a printer-freindly version of the entire Booker Creek Park Imagined (PDF)